Golden Al-Wafi Arabic Translator 1.12

Translation software for more advanced users and professional translators. Expanded and specialized dictionaries and multi-document translation makes this software more suitable for advanced translation purposes. Translate a whole big text just copy and paste any english page and paste it and press translate

  • Fast and accurate translation
  • New translation engine
  • Translates thousands of words in just seconds
  • English Text-to-Speech
  • New dictionary with more than 2 million English/Arabic entries
  • Eight specialized science dictionaries in Medicine, Veterinary, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering and Geology
  • Multi-document translation
  • Multiple file translation in the background (batch translation)
  • English/Arabic Dictionary
  • Arabic/English Dictionary
  • English spelling checker
  • Arabic text with/without vowel points (harakat)
  • Transliteration of proper nouns
  • Bilingual user interface
  • Languages: English / Arabic

Download: (Size: 26 MB)